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Benefits to the Farmers

Formation of Groups

Farmers at places were motivated to organize themselves into informal groups that in the long run would help them into forming Farmers Producers Organizations (FPOs). A number of farmer groups have been formed. These Farmers would form the backbone of the Supply Chain for Sufal Bangla. The groups are being enrolled as formal organizations with Sufal Bangla so the financial transaction can be done directly through bank account of the Organisations.

The progress is going on and about 13 groups having 275 farmers as members have been organized in various places of West Bengal.

Extension of Agriculture Marketing implements as an Entry Point Activity

Different Farmer Groups were provided with Agriculture Marketing implements as an Entry Point Activity to facilitate their involvement with Sufal Bangla. Crates and Weighing Scales were provided to the Farmer Groups. These farmer Groups have been sending their produce to Sufal Bangla regularly.

Setting up of Local Collection Centres

Collection Centres have been setup on trial basis at four places so that the farmers can sell their produce directly to Sufal Bangla.

Extension of Transport Facilities to Farmer Groups / individual farmers

Effort is being made to collect the produce from the farm gates by vehicles of Sufal Bangla.

Facilitating direct interaction between Farmers and End Customers

Farmers are encouraged to visit the Central Processing Hub at Singur and the outlets at Sontoshpur, Rajarhat and at Mandirtala, Howrah and to interact with the customers so as to gather firsthand knowledge of customers need, demand and choice. The aim is to procure sorted and graded fresh fruits and vegetables in accordance with the customers need and demand from the Farm Gate only. This would eventually help reducing Dump.

Benefit to Individual farmers

Individual farmers who are selling their produce directly at Singur Krishak Bazar daily are also benefited by the project. 356 individual farmers have been registered at Singur so far and the number of Participant farmers are increasing with expansion of the project, the model of operationalising Krishak Bazars linked to Sufal Bangla project may be replicated to Districts as per feasibility.

Benefit by extending Premium Price

The pricing strategy, though at an experimental stage had aimed at providing premium price to the farmers and less than market price to the consumers. A pricing committee, consisting of officials from Directorate of Agricultural Marketing has been set up analyse daily market price and declare the Procurement Price and the Consumer Price to be followed by Sufal Bangla.

Market Linkage to the farmers

Sufal Bangla provides market linkage to the farmers by providing avenues of directly selling the produce in the market.

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